4752 W Riverbend Avenue
Post Falls, IDAHO, 83854



​INSIDE Idaho is housed at the University of Idaho Library in Riverbend Commerce Park in Post Falls, Idaho. INSIDE Idaho staff oversee the clearinghouse’s design, implementation, and operations.


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About INSIDE Idaho

Idaho’s statewide geospatial data clearinghouse

Geographic information is increasingly being recognized as a vital component of the information technology a modern society requires to operate efficiently. Geographic location is a key feature of 80-90% of all government data1 and Federal Agencies alone are spending $2.5 – 3.0 billion annually on collection and management of geospatial data2. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) has become an essential and valued tool for information management and decision support throughout all levels of government and many private businesses. Organizations throughout the state are adopting GIS at an accelerating rate and making significant investments in GIS development.
Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the cost associated with a GIS system is related to the development and maintenance of its spatial data. Therefore, the reuse of GIS data created by other entities provides significant cost savings opportunities. In addition, because most government agencies are being asked to provide more services with less staff, reusing GIS data provides an opportunity to save staff resources that these agencies otherwise would have had to contribute to the development of the GIS data. Furthermore, with reuse of existing GIS data, GIS projects can be completed in less time. INSIDE Idaho provides a framework for cost-effective sharing of digital spatial data.

Idaho continues to turn to geographic information systems as a better way to manage an increasing workload and for the analysis needed to make important policy decisions. It is critical that as a state the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the components which make up Idaho’s geospatial data infrastructure are secure, are current and accurate, are readily available and usable to those who need them, and are interoperable. GIS technology provides Idaho with the tools and information needed to analyze and solve critical issues surrounding economic development, the demands of growth, and emergency and natural resource management. INSIDE Idaho provides a framework for the collaboration and exchange of technological expertise and ideas, which facilitates use of the data that drive GIS technologies.

The Idaho Geospatial Committee (IGC), in April 2002, recognized INSIDE Idaho as the clearinghouse for computerized geographic information for the state. INSIDE Idaho serves as the mechanism to share data, resources, technologies, and expertise to meet the increasing demands for Idaho’s geospatial information by educational institutions, government and business professionals, as well as Idaho citizens.