4752 W Riverbend Avenue
Post Falls, IDAHO, 83854

Quest Integration


‚ÄčOur Corporate Office is located at The University of Idaho Research Park (within the Riverbend Commerce Park) at  721 Lochsa Street, Post Falls, Idaho.


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Company Info

‚ÄčMission:To provide ID, MT, WA and WY manufacturing efforts the best software tools and services supplied by the best team possible.

History:We started this company in 1998. Since then, we have been delivering powerful, cost-effective engineering and manufacturing design solutions. We now work with over 500 customers to facilitate their successes in competing in the world wide manufacturing market.

People:Our team is 100% focused on this area’s engineering and manufacturing sector. We understand that if this area’s manufacturing economy is strong and healthy, eveyone wins. This region is our lively hood and we are committed to it’s success.

Capabilities:Certfied, degreed, technical support staff handles our customers support issues with over a 90% approval rating. Our trainers are likewise Certfied and are also rated above a 90% approval rating. Our customer base includes companies from HP, Fluor and US Army Corp, down to the one man consulting shop.

Products:SolidWork, CosmosWorks, E3, Keyserver, PDMWorks, Cimtronics, i.get.it, and others cover a wide array of engineering and manufacturing challenges.