4752 W Riverbend Avenue
Post Falls, IDAHO, 83854

University of Idaho Research Park


​University of Idaho Research Park is located on 28 acres within Riverbend Commerce Park in Post Falls, Idaho. It houses five technology and research organizations, as well as three University of Idaho programs. It is also home to a computer lab, conference rooms and classrooms.


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The University of Idaho Research Park is the Inland Northwest’s campus focus for research and technology-based companies wanting to create or continue working relationships with the University of Idaho and other Northwest colleges and universities.

The Park is also a growing satellite campus for all University of Idaho colleges and institutes, effecting interaction among academia, research, and economic development with the Park’s resident businesses.


The University of Idaho Research Park is host to University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene’s degree path classes in Engineering, Geology, Geography (GIS), Education, and Agricultural Extension; and there will be more offerings from additional colleges in the semesters to come.

The Research Park’s classrooms also are available for use by specialty industry engineering classes designed and conducted by regional companies. North Idaho College and University of Idaho Research Park have a reciprocal use agreement with their classrooms, and TechHelp, the statewide engineering assistance program, offers regular classes on topical issues.


The Research Park is the University’s representative to the North Idaho economic and community development activities. Park staff participate in promoting the region to companies from outside Idaho and eastern Washington, and they work just as hard to retain those companies already residing here. They play active roles in community development and with improvement to educational, social, and economic issues.

The main offering of a university is education, and UI offers education to the growing number of residents and visitors in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene corridor - not only degree path students, but those of all ages, with varied needs for education and training.


The importance of research is shown by the Park’s name: The University of Idaho Research Park. The Park has now, and will continue to expand offices, laboratories, and classrooms for use by UI professors, researchers, and community service professionals.

The usual tenant is one that has research and development needs with which the University of Idaho can lend assistance. The ideal use of the Park’s laboratories and offices is that of collaborative research between the University and company scientists.